About Me

Welcome! I'm Jillian.

I am a food photographer, recipe developer and food blogger (easy on the blog part) who has always, always had a thing for food. The first time I can remember taking pictures of my food, was 2009 in Rome, over a tiny four burner stove that I loved, I was a college student with a small digital camera and was smack in the midst of a food awakening and I wanted to capture it. I loved to see my plated and edible art in all it's delicious glory and found that I really love the camera second most to my love of cooking.

Unnamed years later I create recipes and share them with you so you can get a taste too. I did a year of travelling and eating and even taking cooking classes but cooking was something I had mostly given up since I had no permanent home but when I slowed down on travelling I went right back to where felt best, making a home out of food.

I toss all the things I've learned and tasted in my travels, from my own cultural background lots of reading and a few experimental touches to make something delicious for you to enjoy. I want to encourage you to do the same! 

I hope you fall in love with food, too


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